Arc: changing pods

siteplanplan-elevationsectionpod axon


Swivel joint for rotation and truss to metal frame assembly


Opaque acrylic panel to metal frame and truss to metal decking assembly


View of the back of changing pods


Arc: Changing Pods
Carnegie Mellon, Bachelor of Architecture
Epic Metals Design Competition Finalist (winners announced Mar. 30)
Spring 2015

In collaboration with Jenny Wong

The “Arc” design proposal aims to provide members of the Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club with a temporary space to change before making their yearly traditional jump into the Monongahela River. Each changing pod gradually increases in height and width, allowing natural sunlight to enter the space. “Arc” offers four changing pods that allow for different occupancies ranging from single to a family of three. The entrance to each changing pod resembles a revolving door that rotates about the horizontal axis. Each arched door frame is lined with Epic Metals’ “Toris A” metal decking. This product was chosen for its lightness and flexibility. On entrance, the guest is surrounded by translucent panels on the side and metal decking on the front and back. This design proposal can also easily be assembled and disassembled in a day as the pieces are simply bolted on to the lightweight aluminum framing.