Bishopsgate Goodsyard: Enclosure

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site programground retail

park floor
path floor
site section
artist elevation
entry elevation
housing plan lower
housing plan upper
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park render
path render
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housing model

Bishopsgate Goodsyard: Enclosure
Carnegie Mellon, Bachelor of Architecture
Fifth Year
Instructor: Jonathan Kline
Fall 2016
Project Location: London, England
In Collaboration with Eugene Jahng

This design proposal is about creating a sense of neighborhood within the Bishopsgate Goodsyard community. The massing is organized so that the office program is located towards the Bishopsgate area (City of London) and the housing program towards Bethnal Green/Brick Lane. Each massing responds to the immediate context.The built program is pushed to the boundary of the site, wrapping around the open space. In this open space, a layering of different public spaces occurs so that the city can engage with it. The ground level creates a retail street from Shoreditch High Street to Brick Lane. It also responds to the historical context of the site by celebrating the remaining listed arches as entrances, spatial divider, and retail space. The second layer is the park, which is an extension of Principal place plaza. The third is a walkway that connects the community together through amenities and park space.

Skills: Architecture