First Floor Plan


Upper level plan




Double-glazing facade assembly

model2 copy

model3 copy


Carnegie Mellon, Bachelor of Architecture
Second Year Studio: Elaboration II
Instructor: Jeff King
Spring 2014

Project Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Unlike a traditional movie theater where the sole purpose is to go watch a movie, the cinematheque is a gathering space for education, dining, and entertainment. The proposed design separates the main programmatic elements but still have them actively engage each other on the site. Since the site is located on a busy area of Cambridge, each programmatic mass is connected to volumes of nature that provides indoor-outdoor connections.
From Massachusetts avenue, the visitor enters into a vast open space, full of natural lighting. Depending on the intent of the visit, he may turn left into the restaurant or turn right into the film-related spaces. The student classroom with a lecture area suspending above is adjacent to the main street. However, the glass circulation space attached with a vertical garden provides a buffer from the street noise. Adjacent to Village Street is the traditional 200-seat movie theater, situated in the back to minimize street noise. For the employees, they can park their car at the back of the building and enter directly up to the administrative area in the Mezzannine Level. The restaurant mass provides visual connection to the outdoor in the winter and natural cooling in the hot summer days. Additionally, the outdoor element provides different zones of seating in the restaurant space. The learning space of the building is dark to promote learning film but also includes a bright, natural lit space at the intersection of Mass ave. and village street for group activities.

Skills: Architecture