Hiker’s Bathhouse & Lodge

Final 1st Floor

First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan


Section AA


Section BB


Wooden Lodge Tower Assembly

model wooden structure


Hiker’s Bathhouse & Lodge
Second Year Studio: Elaboration II
Instructor: Jeff King
Spring 2014

Project Location: Crawford Notch, Appalachian Mountains, New Hampshire
In collaboration with Alyssa Hamilton

This Bathhouse and Lodge design creates a contrast of experience for bathers and hikers residing overnight. Visitors experience both the calmness of being in close proximity to Saco Lake as well as the beautiful view of the vast New Hampshire landscape. Arriving by canoe, the visitors ascend into an outdoor entry courtyard where bathers and hikers separate. The hikers residing ascend up directly to the wooden tower while the bather enters into the bathing compound. After changing, the bather gradually ascends up the site as he steps into the Caldarium, Tepidarium, and lastly the Frigidarium. Each bath provides different experiences. For instance, the Caldarium provides a visual connection to the courtyard while the Tepidarium reaches out into the forest. Lastly, the Frigidarium is embedded in the outcrop rock. Above the baths are areas for bathers and hikers to gather and bond. This area includes the kitchen, dining area, and a campfire. The contrast in experience is also enhanced by the different materials utilized. The baths are about the solidity of the concrete blocks so it is grounded to the site; however, the camp tower is about the lightness of the wood and blending with the tall trees of the forest.