Hoop House





ABS Pipe Assembly







Hoop House
Second Year Studio: Architectural Interventions in Urban Agriculture
Instructor : Jennifer Lucchino
Fall 2013

Project Location: Healcrest Urban Farm, Pittsburgh
Project Team: Chandler Archbell, Matthew Lin, Chang Liu, Garrett Rauck, and Sam Riordan

The project requirement is to design and construct a transportable lightweight hoop house (green house). This design proposes an organic hoop house structure that fits with the nature of the Healcrest Urban Farm. The farm at first glance appeared chaotic and messy because the owners were advocates of organic farming. However, they had an organized system for everything. Hence, the resulting structure appears chaotic but has an underlying order. Only 45 and 90 degree ABS joints were utilized but the lengths of the pipes varied to create the dynamic rotation. The hoop house is located at the entrance and acts as a welcoming gesture to visitors. The canopy attracts people to interact in front of the structure and also come inside it. The polyethylene cladding with aluminium keeps the ABS in place. They act as panels so the structure can easily be taken apart, transported, and assembled. The shelves inside the hoop house are utilized to dry herbs and grow seedlings in different seasons.