ISA Gateway Cuba


site concept : proposes new main campus entry, public circulation for visitors on outer ring and more private campus amenities in inner ring

seating diagram
theater program


vibro wind system

vibro-wind piezoelectricity: 4″ foam pads that vibrate and produce electricity

section cuba


view of bridge entry from hotel & convention center (left), view of proposed design from across the river (right)

cuba models

ISA Gateway Cuba
Carnegie Mellon, Bachelor of Architecture
Fourth Year
Instructor: Hal Hayes
Spring 2016
Project Location: Havana, Cuba

Unlike the drama and ballet schools,the music school has no source of funding. It is considered the orphan of the other two schools. To resolve this problem, this scheme proposes a shared facility with the neighboring Hotel Palco and Convention Center. By physically connecting the new building with a bridge, visitors can unconsciously wander into the ISA site, attracting more attention and possible
donors to the school. The design of the ‘ISA Gateway’ building responds to the existing radial geometry of the music worm. The
existing head of the music building is a double-height recital space. The proposed extension looks into this space and mimics
the performance program. It includes an informal performance space/lobby, and courtyard style black box theater. The building is oriented northeast, which is the wind direction in Cuba. The stepped roof allows for natural ventilation in the building.

Skills: Architecture