Tact[Al]: incremental forming with the six axis robot

robo_vid_2 from Anthony Nitche on Vimeo.

robo_form_1 from Anthony Nitche on Vimeo.

MVI_5326 from Anthony Nitche on Vimeo.

Tact[Al]: Incremental forming with the six axis robot
Carnegie Mellon, Bachelor of Architecture
Instructor: Jeremy Ficca
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017
Project Location: College of Fine Arts, CMU
In Collaboration with Anthony Nitche, Dyani Robarge, and Rachel Sung

‘CENTRIA Architectural Systems’ in Pittsburgh sponsored us to research new ways to use their aluminum panel product. They plan to develop our research into possible architectural cladding systems. In the Fall semester, we experimented with using the robot to form metal and understanding the constraints and limitations of the material. We created a six panel prototype that tested the etching and bowl-forming process. In the spring, we designed and built a 28′ long aluminum wall that was on display from April 14-26 2017. ‘Tactal’ is about letting the public engage with the piece by moving across the metal wall. At the bend of the wall, the panels are at its deepest, with bowls stretched as deep as 7″. The outer edges have bowls that are shallower protruding out, and more about displaying the detail of the engraving.

Skills: Fabrication/Built